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Indoor playground case

November 22, 2019

Latest company case about Indoor playground case

Take Huaguoshan as the blueprint, add children's favorite animal image, create a relaxed and interesting mythical world, skillfully integrate running, drilling, climbing, climbing, sliding, turning, rolling and other functional actions into children's play, let children exercise their physique and improve their coordination ability while playing, environmental protection materials and grid design provide children with safety guarantee, a variety of cartoon elements The addition of is to stimulate the fun of children's wonderful ideas!

Probably every child has a unique love and inexplicable yearning for the sea of Bobo pool, with a gorgeous appearance and gorgeous lights. The construction of a million Bobo pool is only to meet the children's dream. In it, it seems that you can hear the joyful laughter immediately. It seems that all the troubles disappear at that moment. The sand pool of a happy city is natural sea sand, which has the characteristics of high hardness, strong wear resistance, good particle uniformity and very clean. Smooth and round, excellent air permeability and fluidity. In addition, the sea sand is pure natural and green without any chemicals added. It's safe and clean to let the children have fun in the sand pool.

The overall planning of a happy city is provided by childhood home, including area division, decoration design, on-site construction, operation, and maintenance. The theme uses Huaguoshan, the birthplace of Monkey King, as the theme. The most popular macarone color matching in the market is used in the color matching. The color is gentle and not stimulating. The high-end is hard to see and shows grade. The unique settings everywhere can match the theme.

Children in the process of playing with the slide can improve the ability of balance and can exercise the muscles of the whole body. Children need a certain amount of courage to climb and slide down the slide to exercise their courage.

Childhood home, devoted to the field of naughty Fort & children's Park for 30 years, is committed to creating a children's park with temperature for children, providing one-stop service from the whole park planning and design to the production of supporting facilities with the ingenious design concept, creating a highly competitive children's Park for customers, and creating a safe play space for children's happy growth!

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