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One stop service for the whole kindergarten

November 21, 2019

Latest company case about One stop service for the whole kindergarten

Interesting layout of outdoor space

The original intention of the design of childhood home is to let each child learn and explore spontaneously, and let their body and mind be released in the space of interesting and natural ecology. According to the geographical location of the kindergarten and children's psychological needs, the natural elements are skillfully integrated to create an outdoor world for children's all-round development. The outdoor space exists in the way of wireless extension. Take the road in the park as an example, according to the behavior characteristics of children, design various paths full of exploration fun, integrate the color matching of natural ecology, combine the combination of children's fun slide, swing, crawl, and other expansion to form a rich and challenging natural exploration road.

The designer of childhood home skillfully integrates the wooden elements into the outdoor development

area to create the children's sports world. With the help of wood materials, the children can explore

nature and communicate with nature in a short distance

Reasonable creation of interior space

Baojun kindergarten adopts an open layout and mobile line elements to form a moving line of the free shuttle. At the same time, children's amusement equipment is implanted to give people a warm, fun and diversified feeling. The overall style of the kindergarten lobby is simple and warm, and the lively orange color and natural ecological log color set off the overall structural space. Children's home will create a large wooden slide in the space, and combine the lovely strollers in each corner to attract the children's attention so that they can explore, explore and create their own interesting space freely and spontaneously. The functional area on the second floor is in the form of an open space layout, which makes the whole floor layout more transparent. By using lockers and log series furniture, a number of small and independent functional areas are reasonably planned in the flowing space, so as to reduce the sense of depression in the closed space and minimize the children's fear of strange space.

Creative Workshop and Reading room

The creative handicraft workshop is mainly composed of log furniture. The walls are placed with lively colors, which brings the feeling of jumping off and makes the space more energetic. At the same time, we use simple and simple design to indoctrinate the view that humans and nature are closely related to each other to the next generation and cultivate their awareness of sustainable development of human and nature. The reading space is endowed with a sense of hierarchy. Through the design, the high spatial feeling is lowered to reduce the pressure on children caused by inappropriate spatial scale. The children are given a place where they can hide quietly and read quietly

Performing arts hall and dance room

The performing arts hall and dance room maintain a sense of transparency in a large space, the original wood retains the natural flavor, creates an atmosphere with both aesthetic and ecological vitality, and activates children's innate artistic perception. The children are colorful and energetic. Therefore, the design of childhood home makes room for them to play freely and gives them more creative playing methods and exploratory activities

Here, space language is transformed into an educational inspiration, which provides children with free space to stretch their imagination and let them look for their own appearance in their growth. It's not only a kindergarten but also a transition from home to the outside world. It's a space container for their childlike innocence and interest.

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